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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Devonric Johnson naked

Street thug-turned athletic All-Star, now male model and actor. Devonric also known as DD, was born in prison to a drug addicted mother. He grew up homeless and lived on the streets in his early years. With the help of football and a school mate, he turned his life around and changed his focus to academics and athletics. After playing Division 1 college football, graduating from Southern Methodist University and suffering a career ending injury, Post Concussion Syndrom, he used his good looks and charm to become a male model/actor. He has been seen in print ads and commercials for JCPennys, Macy's, Nike and Chevrolet and also was seen walking the runway at NY Fashion Week. Devonric's success inspired him to start a non-profit, Brothers By Choice, and he tours the country talking to at-risk youth, hoping his story will help them turn their lives around. He is driven by being an entertainment entrepreneur and helping those in need.


Police Officer 2

Sean Cloutier's Redemption

Cinematic Self-Defense: Rolling Fours (TV Series) 


Marginal Superheroes (Short)
Mike Titus: The Human Fist
 Gentrified (Short)
Young Joseph

Robot Combat League (TV Series) 

Kept (TV Series) 
Himself / Himself - Contestant

Meet Jerry Hall ... Himself

 Art and Etiquette ... Himself - Contestant

Devonric Johnson, also known as DD, was a contestant on the VH1 reality show Kept in 2005. He was the 7th person eliminated from the game.

Devonric was born in Dallas, Texas in 1984. He was adopted at the age of 13.  He has 3 brothers (Stirling Harris - who plays football for the Cleveland Browns, Gerald Harris and Vonte Johnson).

He attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas on a football scholarship.  He graduated with an Economics and Finance degree in 2004.

Before appearing on Kept, DD resided in Dallas, Texas where he worked as the Store Manager for Hollister and Director of Events for Integrated Productions.

He currently models for the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency in New York.

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