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Sunday, July 31, 2016

New! #1 male Sexiest man On the Planet Marcus Patrick Post videos naked more


New! #1 male Sexiest man On the Planet Marcus Patrick Post  videos naked more

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Acting career[edit]

Patrick has appeared in such American television series as My Wife & KidsCSI: Miami and Passions. From 29 June to 25 September 2006 he was part of the cast of the long-running soap opera All My Childrenplaying the role of Jamal Cudahy.[2] He has also played the lead role in an independent film "I Do, I Did" (2009).[3]
Patrick announced on 13 September 2006, that he has left his role on All My Children, due to creative differences with the show.[4] He is also on The-N television show, Beyond The Break.[3]
On 11 May 2007, it was announced that he had joined the cast of Days of Our Lives in the role of Jett Carver.[5] His first air date was 1 June.[3] However, after five months he was fired.[6] NBC declined to comment on the reasons for this, and his last appearance aired on 14 November 2007.[3] Patrick himself has expressed the view that his dismissal was a consequence of an explicit photo shoot he completed in the September 2007 edition of Playgirl Magazine and the magazine website.[7] Unusual for celebrity subjects, Patrick elected to pose full frontally nude for several shots, in darkened silhouette.[8] He has also appeared on Just Jordan.[5] Marcus reported to H8terade Radio in 2010, that he was unaware that full frontal would be shown, and even went as far as saying that Playgirl ruined his career.
Marcus Patrick posed in front of the camera again for the book "And Then I Died" by author /photographer Quar Brown. A true story told through the visuals of 62 models and Patrick's image was selected as the cover model for the book.
Recently he was featured in RnB Singer Ashanti's music video for the song The Woman You Love.

Music career[edit]

Aside from acting, Patrick has had a singing career, firstly with the boyband Worlds Apart and then as a solo singer.[9]

Personal life[edit]

Patrick has practiced Tae Kwon Do, winning championships at junior and men's heavyweight level.[10]
Patrick adheres to a vegan diet for health and ethics reasons.[11][12][13][14][15]


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